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Life with Neffe

How’s life been for you and how are your children?

The family’s wonderful my children are growing. I’m a grandmother of two. My grandson is

five and my granddaughter will be one December 2nd .

 Are you enjoying It?

I love being a grandmother it’s just a different type of feeling to hear ‘’granny’’. I’m 41

and fine. I love it & the family is doing good even in the midst of, I lost my father

December 4th of 2020 and we just recently lost our mother July, 19th 2021 so we are

getting through that kind of trauma day by day but the greatest thing about it is coming

out and being able to share your testimony and tell people it’s ok you can get through it

with the strength of God and all the above and having family and love and surrounding

yourself with great people and honestly going to counseling is not a bad thing.

 How important is receiving counseling?

It’s absolutely important to have a outlet. That alone will stop suffering in silence,

domestic violence, the shame, the bullying, the suicide, the drug overdose, the

alcoholism, the murders. You have to have a outlet so right now that’s what we are

focusing on.

 Do you realize how much you will be helping people by sharing your story?

We always been an open and transparent family and we wouldn’t have it no other way.

At the same time we are going to honor what we are going through in the proper way,

respectfully, our privacy and all that but give us the choice to talk about it when we

want to.

 How’s business going? Any new business ventures?

Yes, I have Neffe from ‘’reality to radio’’ each and every Sunday 5-6PM on 92.3FM.

Sunday is the funday with your girl the real Neffeteria. My new project “suffering in

silence” I’m so excited about this project because I worked so hard on it and I can’t wait

until it can be released to the world. It’s a docu-series of my life so it will be

documenting my world and challenges my family and I are facing.

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