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Vee Hackler Ceo and founder of "Cooked Up Creationz"

Tell us a little bit about who you are and your business.

I am a mother of 5 , with a 9-5 doing insurance . I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BOTH! My business originally started 2021 , it started out because I was trying to save cost of other high decor responses I received while trying to setup a simple wedding reception! The prices were ridiculous. Being a mother with 4 girls parties turned into being my thing the girls knew mom would take care of it. I went through a rough spot and life was lifing and my balloons became therapeutic for me! To this day they still are , when I get into my crafting/ styling mindset I on another cloud! Working in the real world as a Specialist I also really enjoy being a problem solver, assisting where I can .

What made you decide to get into this field of work and what has the journey been like so far for you?

So not only to be affordable but to be reasonably price yet still provide memorable services. Calling around just for balloons backdrop n candy the quote was almost $500/$600 .    First year was good and gave me direction . I later took a course from Get it Poppin balloons in Atl where I learned techniques and how to grow and make profit . 2022 I enjoyed networking more and my growing clientele and adding to my services offered . Completing balloons, adding tents and marquee balloon filled designs. My heart full of joy and confirmation, my first year setups of baby-showers turned into now doing their 1st birthday now as returning clientele ! I wanted to grow more I put Cooked Up Creationz out more by connecting with other start up businesses and or events within my community. 2023 Being made partner of Atl Couples trivia where I complete all the decor . Teach believes and sees the talent in anyone she work with she just pushes you more.Content  if those  setups now giving me additional audience and those that now trust and request more then just balloons ! This being a business owner and being in  business for real!!!Has been absolutely amazing not for the money but the overall experience, connecting and meeting other entrepreneurs top tier energy!

What is the most important factor behind your success?

My why! Myself first , because im I’m not ok then nothings OK, then my children and the financial freedom that comes with. All allowing me balance.

What is one obstacle in your business you would say that may of happened how did you over come it?

Being stuck, no content , real understanding of what I was doing . Going to the networking events, taking those gems that were given, and just really apply them to be better. I’m always working but I also think I’ve done a nice job balancing all, work , family and business. Cuz it does take money to make it!

Tell me one thing people may not know about you or may have the wrong perception about yourself.

With a wonderful list of vendors any setup can be accomplished !That includes more than just balloon decor or foam board marquees. Just fill out the inquiry form and lets chat.

What is one thing you would like to leave the world knowing about yourself?

Collaboration over competition any day! If I can be a resource in anyway let’s talk about it!

How do you want people to reach you please list below (Social media pages | Websites)

Follow me on all platforms

TikTok ,FB and IG cooked_up_creationz

Pinterest and YouTube coming soon.

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