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Waka Flaka Flame's new venture, "Yum 2 GoTM",

Waka Flaka Flame's new venture, "Yum 2 GoTM", seems well-positioned to address

some critical issues in the food delivery industry. Here's a breakdown of the

potential impacts and benefits he aims to achieve:

1. Reducing Costs for Restaurants

Food delivery apps currently charge restaurants a significant percentage of each

order, often around 25% or more. This eats into the restaurant's profit margins and

can be unsustainable for many businesses, especially smaller ones. By launching

"Yum 2 GoTM", Waka Flaka Flame plans to lower these costs, allowing restaurants

to retain more of their revenue.

2. Fair Pricing for Consumers

Consumers often pay a premium for the convenience of food delivery; with prices

averaging around 25% higher than dining in. "Yum 2 GoTM" intends to offer fairer

pricing, potentially lowering costs for consumers compared to existing delivery

platforms. This competitive pricing could attract more customers while still

offering the convenience they desire.

3. Driver competitive Fee

Driver compensation has been a contentious issue in the gig economy. "Yum 2

GoTM" pledges to offer competitive fees, potentially improving driver satisfaction

and retention.

4. Community Contribution

Recognizing the importance of restaurants beyond just food service, we will be

launching "Yum 2 GoTM" as a national brand starting in August 2024 in Las Vegas,

Nevada, followed by expansions to Orlando and Miami, Florida in September


"Yum 2 GoTM" presents an ambitious initiative to reshape food delivery services

with a focus on fairness, affordability, and community support.

"Written by Angelica cole"

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