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Who is Yahne?

Social media mogul, actress, rapper and entertainer

Could you share a memorable achievement or significant milestone accomplished by your brand/project?

A memorable achievement is when my “ Face Card Never Declines “ trend went viral on social media. I was just filming having fun with friends. Had no clue it was gonna take off the way it did which then led me to music and creating the “Face Card Never Declines “ song.

What are your future aspirations for your brand/talent, and what objectives are you aiming to achieve?

My goals are just to continue building and expanding the Face Card universe. Merch and other business ventures

How do you approach taking risks and experimenting within your brand/project, and can you discuss a successful instance of a daring decision?

I always take risk! It’s what fun about creating. I think of an idea I execute it and if it works great! If not I believe it’s because something better is ahead. I just never give up.

How may our readers contact you?*

Yahneofficial on IG and Tiktok

Photographer: @ctdgraphicx

Styled by: @royalfudgestyling @melcarnoahan

Mua: @kimyie

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