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Slutty Vegan Goes On A ‘Gettin Slutty Tour’ And Invades Vine Vegan Restaurant


By: Greg Lewis

Published on June 28, 2024, 6:50 P.M. EST

Slutty Vegan, a well-respected, Georgia-based restaurant recently took over Brandon’s Vine Vegan, located at 2080 Badlands Dr., from June 10 and 11.

Slutty Vegan took over their restaurant for two whole days from 6-11p.m. Each night. The ‘Gettin Slutty Tour’ apparently brought in over 800 people from all over the Tampa Bay area.

Vine Vegan owner, Danielle Stevens, reached out to the popular Georgia restaurant about being apart of their tour.

It was reported that one thousand burgers were sold, and they sold-out on both nights right around their closing time.

“This was one of the most incredible experiences. The new people we met and the exposure we got was amazing. The Slutty Vegan crew were like family a few hours into being here. It was an incredible collaboration,” Stevens said.

The restaurant, Slutty Vegan, is a 100 percent plant-based burger restaurant known for their very Volguar themed menu options. The menu provided during the tour at Vine Vegan restaurant consisted of items like the One Night Stand, Fussy Hussy and and Sloppy Toppy.

Shani Williams, was the first taste reviewer on the scene in line on June 10, arriving approximately around 4p.m. It was reported that this was her first time at Vine Vegan or Slutty Vegan.

“I saw on Instagram that they were coming, and I was like, I’ve gotta try it. I got two different burgers so I could try them. I ordered two of the Sloppy Toppys and two of the One Night Stands,” Williams said.

To learn more about the menu options at Vine Vegan, visit To learn more about Slutty Vegan, visit

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